Synthesis Chemistry Symposium

Synthesis Chemistry Symposium will be held at Jilin University on May 31, 2014. This symposium is co-sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry and the State Key Laboratory of Elemento-Organic Chemistry,Nankai University. The focus of discussion will be on hot issues in synthesis chemistry. Several experts will be invited to give talks, including Prof. Shouhua Feng(CAS Academician) of Jilin University and Prof. Qilin Zhou(CAS Academician) of Nankai University.

Shouhua FengProf. Shouhua Feng(CAS Academician)
State Key Lab. of Inorganic Synthesis&Preparative Chemistry
Jilin University,China

Qilin ZhouProf. Qilin Zhou(CAS Academician)
State Key Laboratory of Elemento-Organic Chemistry
Nankai University,China

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