Research results of Prof. Yu Jigong team published in the journal Science

Accelerated crystallization of zeolites via hydroxyl free radicalsOn March 11, 2016, the research results of professor Yu Jihong team published in the journal Science, this is the first time in Jilin University chemistry research published in the journal Science.
Abstract:In the hydrothermal crystallization of zeolites from basic media, hydroxide ions (OH–) catalyze the depolymerization of the aluminosilicate gel by breaking the Si,Al–O–Si,Al bonds and catalyze the polymerization of the aluminosilicate anions around the hydrated cation species by remaking the Si,Al–O–Si,Al bonds. We report that hydroxyl free radicals (•OH) are involved in the zeolite crystallization under hydrothermal conditions. The crystallization processes of zeolites—such as Na–A, Na–X, NaZ–21, and silicalite-1—can be accelerated with hydroxyl free radicals generated by ultraviolet irradiation or Fenton’s reagent.

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